Hydraulic Oils

Posted on 29 January 2019

Many machines require regular replenishment of hydraulic oils.Hydraulic oil is also known as hydraulic liquid or hydraulic fluid. It is the medium through which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. Common hydraulic fluids are based on mineral oil. Power steering in vehicles and brakes all use hydraulic fluid.

Excavators and backhoes use hydraulic fluid to move their arms and digging equipment. Hydraulic systems work most efficiently if the hydraulic fluid has zero compressibility. All hydraulic oil has a specific viscosity otherwise known as the fluid’s weight. Common ISO grades for hydraulic systems include 32, 46 and 68. Proper hydraulic fluid should always be used as other oils may contain additives that can cause damage to components.

Your machinery is expensive and every minute it is not working is money lost. Hydraulic oils will prolong the life of the machine when used correctly. Each ISO grade has an optimum operating temperature and the oil should be selected according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Higher viscosity fluid tends to reduce the systems operating temperature by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the pump. If the viscosity is too high it may cause poor mechanical efficiency by increasing friction during startup and may lead to cavitation. The temperature operating windows are vastly different. Grade 10 has an operating temperature of between -33 and 32 degrees Celsius. Grade 32 has an optimum temperature range of -8 to 64 degrees Celsius.

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