At LRT Lubricants we stock products to cover a wide variety of applications

We have some of the highest QUALITY products on the market. We can supply products in sizes from 250 ml to 1000 Litre IBC's and even bulk fill from Tankers.

Fuchs Agrifarm

Agriculture: AGRIFARM lubricants facilitate maximum operational reliability of all agricultural units – from engines and transmissions, right through to hydraulics in all machines and vehicles.

Fuchs Lubricants UK

Commercial: TITAN lubricants are the result of the latest research and development by the world’s largest independent lubricant specialist. Developed together with leading automobile manufacturers, tailored to satisfy the demands of today’s high-tech engines: offering outstanding high-performance, fuel-economy and wear protection.

Fuchs Titan Race

Racing:  TITAN RACE is the ultimate high performance lubricant range - providing optimum protection and releases your engine's maximum power. Fuchs products have been tried and tested on the track and are recommended by many winning race teams. Fuchs in-house, expert research and development team have been creating the TITAN RACE range utilising the latest technology and equipment.

Fuchs Planto

 Biodegradable:    The rapidly biodegradable PLANTO products are based on synthetic esters or vegetable oils. They achieve and exceed the requisite technical performance, particularly in comparison with conventional mineral oil-based lubricants.

Fuchs Cassida

Food safe:  CASSIDA offers the most comprehensive range of lubricants for any application field in the food and beverage industries and associated areas. All CASSIDA products are NSF registered, and CASSIDA production sites are certified as per ISO 21469. Kosher and Halal certifications are available proving that the lubricants meet the religious and legal food requirements of Muslim and Jewish customers.

Kerx Hyperdrive

General Lubricants:  We have a wide range of Oils and Lubricants for a wide range of road vehicles, if its a small city car or large cruiser we can provide you with the quality oils you vehicle deserves and with our oil finders all you need is your registration and you can find the correct grade quickly and easily.

We also supply specialist products like the FUCHS REINER GREASE GUN
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