Grease Cartridges in Liverpool

Posted on 25 January 2019

Save operational and maintenance costs with our top-quality grease cartridges in Liverpool. At LRT Lubricants, we are proud of our reputation as a supplier of the best quality oils, lubricants, tools, parts and equipment.

These products are available both locally and nationally, along with our expert advice and professional assistance, at a sensible and practical price band. No matter how big or small your requirement, we aim to match your needs, preferences and budget. We started operations in a serene, rural environment in Halsall and today, we’ve scaled up to new premises in Burscough. Here we have also incorporated a trade and public service counter to better serve our diverse range of clients. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from former clients who have remained loyal purely because they were 100% satisfied with our services.

For businesses in Liverpool, grease cartridges serve a very important function. Any manufacturer who uses industrial equipment understands that not providing enough lubrication can reduce the longevity of the machines and also ramp up costs.  Insufficient lubrication can result in early damage to roller bearings. You may need expensive repairs when complex parts get damaged. Another problem is when machinery breaks down, your production may come to a halt, resulting in failure to meet deadlines and client expectations. Using grease guns loaded with the right cartridges ensures that targeted greasing can be carried out. These are also known as single point lubricators and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. The lubricant gets distributed accurately and evenly, without any manual effort and inconsistencies.

Grease cartridges are a reliable and more efficient way to deliver lubricants in a precise form.  The grease gun you use may be hand operated or air-powered (pneumatic) depending on your unique requirements. Usually a slightly thicker and more viscous grease is used in cartridges to ensure proper distribution. If you are looking for grease cartridges, contact LRT Lubricants today. Our team can help you select the right product. You can also check our website for some great offers and deals.