Tygris Ingenius Maintain101- V101 - 400ml | LRT Lubricants

Tygris Ingenius Maintain101- V101 - 400ml

  • £345

Tygris Ingenius Maintain101 

Description Highly versatile, silicone-free maintenance spray enhanced with PTFE and advanced corrosion inhibitors. The ideal multi-functional Cleaning Lubricating Protecting ‘genius’ solution-in-a-can!

Benefits & Features

• All-in-one maintenance spray
• Drives out moisture and guards against corrosion
• Penetrates and releases seized and corroded parts – quickly and – aids future reassembly / disassembly
• Provides effective non-staining, long lasting lubrication
• Cut throughs dust, grease and grime on most surfaces.
• Non-conductive with effective insulation – an ideal ‘damp start’ solution for ignition systems and electrical equipment subject to moisture ingress
• Complete with 360° valve for all-angle use

Directions for Use Shake can thoroughly before use. Spray directly onto the component or surface from a distance of 15-25cm and allow to penetrate or form a For hard-to-reach places use the extension straw provided.

Technical Data

Appearance: A turbid pale straw liquid
Odour: A pleasant odour
Gravity: ~ 0.81
Viscosity: Thin liquid
Flammability, as supplied: Extremely flammable, 
Flash point below -20°C
Contents: A solution of naphthenic oil, grease, water displacing additives and wetting agents, and PTFE in odourless kerosene, propelled by a butane / isobutane / propane propellant.
Service Temperature: Up to 80°C [continuous]
Service Temperature: Up to 150°C [intermittent]

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