Tygris Electro Clean - IS20 - 400ml | LRT Lubricants

Tygris Electro Clean - IS20 - 400ml

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 Electro Clean - IS20 - 400ml

Description Fast evaporating dedicated cleaner for electrical components IS20 is a very fast evaporating solvent cleaner for use on electrical components, making maintenance quick and safe on switchgear, fork lift electrics and where equipment will be used soon after this is carried out. Requiring no rinsing or cleaning off, grease and dirt are quickly and efficiently removed.

Outstanding Features

• Very fast evaporating
• Non-conductive
• Efficient removal of grease and dirt
• Requires no further processing • Safe on most plastics and painted surfaces

Directions for Use

Isolate electrical supply and remove sources of ignition.

Spray cleaner onto contaminated area and wait for cleaner to evaporate. Wipe off if necessary. Ensure product has completely dried off before switching on electrical supply.
Test plastics for compatibility.

Technical Data

Appearance Clear spray
Odour Light solvent, odourless when dry
Contents Pentane with butane/propane propellant
Storage Below 50˚C
Flash Point <0˚C
Temperature range For use at ambient temperatures Relative Density Solubility 


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