Tygris Circuit Freezer Spray - R240 - 400ml |  LRT Lubricants

Tygris Circuit Freezer Spray - R240 - 400ml

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Circuit Freezer Spray - R240 - 400ml

Fast acting powerful freezing action, this is a rapid cooling agent used in a number of applications where lowering the temperature quickly is beneficial, including the detection of electronic equipment faults, working on small bore water pipes, and shrink fitting of close-tolerance metal parts.

A non-flammable, inert, liquefied gas.

Benefits: Rapidly cools components to freezing point Detects faults in electronic circuits by reducing the temperature Use to shrink fit metal parts Quickly freezes small bore pipes for safe working Use to freeze gum, toffee, candle wax and other soft deposits Non-flammable, inert gas

Technical Data:

Appearance: Clear freezing spray
Odour: Virtually odourless
Contents: Liquefied tetrafluoroethane - 1,1,1,2 with butane/propane propellant Storage: Below 50˚C
Flash Point: Non-flammable
Temperature range: Designed for use at sub zero temperatures
Relative Density: 1.20

Directions for Use: Spray onto circuit from about 20cm to visually detect faults and breaks. To freeze pipework, spray onto a small section either side of area to be worked, checking regularly for thawing.

For gum deposits, spray for about 5 to 10 seconds and shatter frozen gum with a scraper before removing with a blunt instrument or with the assistance of R255 Ink & Gum Remover.

Do not spray onto skin as tissue damage may occur.


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