Tundra 3/8" Air Hose | LRT Lubricants

Tundra 3/8" Air Hose (yellow) 9.5mm x 15m

  • £3300

15m Tundra 3/8" Air Hose

Tundra 3/8" Air Hose is super flexible, being manufactured from a hybrid polymer material which has unique properties, allowing the hose to lay flat, without trying to recoil itself, even in freezing conditions. The Tundra 3/8" Air Hose characteristics make it suitable for use in areas where polyurethane, rubber or PVC hoses may become too inflexible to use.


  • Working temperature range: -40°C to 65°C
  • Working pressure up to 300 psi
  • Resists kinking even under pressure
  • Tundra hose has no memory and lays flat when in use
  • Abrasion resistant outer cover

Hose capacity 50' / 15m
66' / 20m
Hose ID 3/8"
Max PSI 300psi / 20bar
End caps 1/4" BSP aluminium fittings


Tundra 3/8" Air Hose | LRT Lubricants

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