Silkolene Chain Spray 500ml

  • £750

An advanced synthetic technology chain lubricant specially designed for high performance motorcycle chains, resistant to high speed fling off and providing outstanding wear protection. Silkolene Chain Lube effectively penetrates the inner rollers and pins, seals the chain to combat the ingress of water and other contaminants thus increasing chain and sprocket life. Silkolene Chain Lubricant is quick drying, forms a strong thin oil film and provides good corrosion protection. Suitable for all chains including “O”, “X” and Z ring types.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Good antiwear and shock loading performance 
  • Good resistance to high speed fling off 
  • Resistant to water wash off 
  • Penetrates and evaporates quickly with excellent film forming properties 
  • Thin film formation resists dirt adhesion 
  • Good corrosion protection

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