Redashe J1200-SMDUSB Rechargeable Engineers Pen Light

  • £2700

The engineers rechargeable LED pen light provides a bright light output of approximately 170 lumens through 6 high powered SMD's on the front and an LED end torch giving a focused light source of 70 lumens.


  • High capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery for longer life and consistent power
  • Main optical lens providing a 90 degree floodlit work area
  • 6 high output SMD’s giving approximately 170 lumens
  • Single LED end torch giving 70 lumens
  • USB cable for recharging
  • Easily visible charging indicator built into lamp
  • Complete with an integrated pen clip and magnet
  • Robust, impact resistant, aluminium lamp housing


Flux Main light: 140 lumens, End torch: 70 lumens
Dimensions 180mm x 23mm x 20mm
Materials Aluminium and ABS plastic
Charging time 2 1/2" hours
Operation time Maximum 2 1/2" hours of constant use


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