Heavy Duty Pin & Bush Grease box of 6 to 36 - 400g Cartridges

  • £1500

PIN & BUSH GREASE is a tenacious grease designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is needed. It has been proven ideal for use on bucket pins on heavy earth moving equipment, 5th wheels, crane slews etc. Also suitable for use as an assembly and running in compound.


Pin & Bush Grease can be applied by hand or by using a standard grease gun (400gm cartridges).
NB – due to the high solid content, Pin & Bush Grease is not recommended for use on anti-friction bearings.


  • A high level of lubricating solids keeps working surfaces apart and substantially extends component life.
  • Being fully resistant to the wet extends the life of the lubricant and protects components from corrosion.
  • Adhesive properties provide increased lasting protection.

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Please note that these cartridges are not compatible with the Reiner Grease Gun they are for use with traditional grease guns only.

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