Groz ZHC21B quick disconnect grease coupler 1/8" BSPTF

  • £1895

quick disconnect grease coupler

The Groz quick disconnect grease coupler is designed for quick and convenient disengagement of the coupler from the grease/zerk fittings under pressure. To engage the coupler, simply press the thumb lever and slide the coupler onto the fitting. The hardened 6 cylindrical balls hold the grease/zerk fitting tight.

Once greasing is completed simply press the thumb lever again to disconnect the coupler from the fitting.

To see how the Groz quick disconnect grease coupler works click the following link to a video CLICK HERE


  • Suitable for pressures up to 8000psi / 550bar
  • The coupler will not move thus allowing a hands free operation
  • Suitable for battery, air and manual operated grease guns
  • Slim line diameter 17mm
  • Unique 6 point contact design n Thread: 1/8" BSPTF


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