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Fuchs White Grease - 500ml

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Fuchs White Grease

Fuchs White Grease is for the long term lubrication of chains, pins, bushes, linkages, cable mechanism, hinges, locks and similar applications. Fuchs white grease spray penetrates and leaves behind an adhesive, waterproof lubricant that prevents seizure and further water ingress. The Fuchs White Grease spray will not “fling off” like water displacing oils and operates up to 110ºC (Apply while equipment is cool).

Also available in non-aerosol form as RENOLIT CZ 2 GREASE.


Fuchs White Grease spray is specifically formulated for use to prevent seizure of mechanical components. Fuchs white grease spray is ideal for lubricating in the following applications: -

  • Chains.
  • Mechanical linkages.
  • Vehicle brake mechanisms.
  • Vehicle window regulator mechanisms.
  • Car door lock mechanisms.
  • Rolling and plain bearings.
  • Water pumps.
  • Flanges.
  • Bowden cable fittings.


Fuchs white grease spray contains rust inhibitors, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives in addition to tackiness improvers.
• White, clean looking grade
• Highly water resistant calcium soap base
• Contains solid lubricant, providing excellent boundary lubrication, preventing seizure and enhancing water resistance
• Contains no CFC propellants - ozone friendly


Follow the safety information printed on the cans to ensure safe application.

Click here for Technical Data Sheet

Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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