Fuchs Titan SYN MC 10w40 Engine Oil - 20 Litres

  • £4390

SYN MC 10w40 engine oil

TITAN SYN MC SAE 10w40 engine oil is an advanced, SAE 10W-40 all-season, fuel economy engine oil specially formulated for normally aspirated or turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars and vans. Universal application was a high priority in the development of this oil. The modern concept of TITAN SYN MC SAE 10W-40 offers high functionality. 


TITAN SYN MC SAE 10w40 engine oil shall be used for vehicles without extended drain intervals. TITAN SYN MC SAE 10w40 engine oil offers safe operation under all running conditions. TITAN SYN MC SAE 10w40 engine oil is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils. However, intermixtures with other engine oils should be avoided in order to fully utilise the product’s benefits. Consequently a complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN SYN MC SAE 10W-40. 


  • Wide usage in normally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines 
  • Very good viscosity-temperature behaviour and high shear stability ensure all-season suitability even at severe operating conditions 
  • Reliable cold starting and rapid oil circulation 
  • Very good wear protection
  • Protects against sludging 
  • Compatible with all gaskets and shaft seals
  • Hydraulic tappets always function reliably
  • Fully miscible and compatible with all brand name single and multigrade engine oils
  • Reduced oil consumption 


  • ACEA A3/B4
  • API SL/CF 


  • MB-APROVAL 229.1 

FUCHS Recommendations

  • FIAT 9.55535-D2/G2
  • VW 500 00/505 00

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