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Fuchs Silkopen Penetrating Fluid - 500ml

  • £425

Fuchs Silkopen Penetrating Fluid

Fuchs Silkopen Penetrating Fluid is a product from the FUCHS Lubricants (UK) range of industrial aerosol packaged products. It produces a jet spray of penetrating fluid for effective, quick release of seized and corroded metal parts.

Fuchs Silkopen Penetrating Fluid suitable for use on fasteners, studs, valves, couplings etc. It is intended primarily as a dismantling aid to help free off seized or corroded components. Fuchs Silkopen Penetrating Fluid contains powerful solvents and de-watering aids to enable the fluid to “creep” into the most confined spaces.


• Large 500ml aerosol can
• Excellent creep penetration
• Protects from further corrosive attack
• Lubricates threads for dismantling
• Effectively cuts through dirt, grime, rust and scale
• Repels water
• Contains no CFC propellants - ozone friendly


Follow the safety information printed on the cans to ensure safe application.

Click here for Technical Data Sheet

Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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