Fuchs Silkolene Pro race brake fluid - 500 ml

  • £1600

Fuchs Pro race brake fluid

Fuchs Pro race brake fluid is a top quality, high boiling point, low compressibility competition brake fluid suitable for use in all modern brake systems where a DOT 4 fluid is specified.

Silkolene pro race brake fluid protects seals and brake system components even at high operating temperatures and retains braking efficiency
even under competition conditions.

Also suitable for fast and normal road use.

To achieve the highest performance in brake and clutch systems, flush through thoroughly with at least 1 litre of Silkolene pro race brake fluid to ensure replacement of all old brake fluid. This should be repeated before every racing or competition event, thereby reducing the occurrence of vapour lock (sponginess) to a minimum.

Must NOT be used in certain Citroen and other cars requiring mineral oil nor in vehicles fitted with magnesium alloy cylinders or reservoirs.


  • DOT 4

Typical Dry Boiling Point 315ºC (594ºF)
Typical Wet Boiling Point 204ºC (399ºF)
Minimum Wet Boiling Point 195ºC (383ºF)

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