Fuchs Silicone Spray | LRT Lubricants

Fuchs Silicone Spray - 500ml

  • £460

Fuchs Silicone Spray

Fuchs Silicone Spray lubricant and release agent is based on a medium viscosity silicone fluid and packed in aerosol. Fuchs Silicone Spray is one of FUCHS’ advanced speciality aerosol products. It dries quickly to leave a colourless, low friction film. Fuchs Silicone Spray may be used where a non staining lubricant film is needed such as door hinges, sewing machine tables etc.


• Large 500ml aerosol can
• Excellent lubricant on most plastics e.g. curtain tracks
• FUCHS SILICONE SPRAY is an ideal product for many plastics and rubber mould release applications
• Helps protect against corrosion
• Light surface film reduces dirt attraction
• Repels water
• Contains no CFC propellants - ozone friendly


Follow the safety information printed on the cans to ensure safe application.

Click here for Technical Data Sheet
Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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