Fuchs Silcolene Copper Antiseize Spray 6 x 500ml

  • £3200

An extreme pressure, high temperature, corrosion resistant anti-seize compound, that will not breakdown or burn. The copper flake present in this lubricant prevents “self welding” and seizure thus making the future dismantling process easier and simpler. It is recommended for use on the assembly of new equipment for long term protection and is suitable for temperatures from -34ºC -1100ºC.


• Large 500ml aerosol can
• Lubricates during assembly giving true torque settings
• Copper adheres to similar surfaces “plating” metals to prevent seizure under pressure
• Will not dissolve or wash off in the presence of salt water or fresh water
• Protects against corrosion, rusting and pitting
• Under extreme pressure the copper content forms microscopic “ball bearings”preventing galling and seizure
• Contains no CFC propellants - ozone friendly


Follow the safety information printed on the cans to
ensure safe application.

Click here for Technical Data Sheet

Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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