Fuchs Renolit LX-PEP 2 Green Grease - Box of 6 to 12 - 500g Cartridges

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Renolit LX-PEP 2 Green Grease

Fuchs Renolit LX-PEP 2 green grease is one of the highest spec multipurpose EP grease available on the market, with a wide temperature range of -30 to +150°c and constant lubrication applicable until +200°c. It is green in colour which means it is easily identifiable, especially useful when using the correct grease for application is important. 

Fuchs Renolit lx-pep 2 green grease is used in plain and roller bearings, particularly well established is the use in wheel bearings of motor vehicles and roller bearings of e-motors as well as in needle bearings of cardan shafts.

Fuchs Renolit lx-pep 2 Application

Lubricated sliding surface points, all types of plain and roller bearings, long term or lifetime lubrication in the specified temperature range.

For use with Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun


    • MAN 284 Li H 2
    • Daimler Chrysler MB 265.1
    • ZF TE-ML 12
    • Schaeffler group
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