Fuchs Renolit Copper Paste Grease 500g Tub

  • £750

Fuchs Renolit Copper Paste Grease

Fuchs Renolit Copper Paste Grease is designed to control pitting, rusting, thread distortion and seizure due to corrosion and chemical attack. The product overcomes galling on assembly and reduces dismantling torque.


Fuchs Renolit Copper Paste Grease is a special lubricant for threaded connections, pipe fittings, valves, exhaust assemblies, bolts and shackle connections, burner assemblies, drilling equipment, etc.Copper paste grease can be used as a thread, assembly and anti-fretting compound in the following industrial and automotive applications.


Any threaded connection, linkages etc. Particularly for release of bolts that have been subject
to high temperature.


Wheel nuts, spark plug threads, cylinder head bolts, exhaust systems, etc. Prevents brake squeal – apply to caliper, pins and back of pad.


• Lowers force required during assembly
• Suitable for use in arduous conditions
• Helps prevent fretting corrosion
• Guards against pick-up, galling and seizure
• Helps reduce attack in corrosive atmospheres
• Lubricates in temperatures up to 1100ºC*
• Wide range of applications

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