Fuchs Renolin AC 46 compressor oil - 20 Litres

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AC 46 compressor oil

The range of RENOLIN AC compressor oil has been developed to embrace a wide range of equipment maker's specifications and requirements. The products have been subjected to ongoing development over many years and represent a modern approach to compressor lubrication.

The fuchs RENOLIN AC compressor oil range is based on selected low volatility mineral oil fractions to give freedom from deposits caused by oil carry over. Inhibitors are incorporated to control foaming, oxidation and to minimise mechanical wear.


RENOLIN AC32 and AC46 compressor oil are intended primarily for the lubrication of rotary screw type compressors. Final selection should be in accordance with equipment manufacturer’s recommendation. 

The range may be used in most vacuum pump applications where the viscosity is appropriate.


• Low volatility
• Low oil consumption and carry over
• Excellent oxidation stability
• Effective corrosion protection


All products exceed the requirements of DIN 51506 VD-L test sequence.

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