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Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun

  • £3650

fuchs reiner grease gun

Fuchs reiner grease gun with large 2 handed levers for a high pressure easily controllable grease application every time, and produces 5800 psi / 400 bar of pressure with ease. Perfect for stubborn grease nipples and long grease lines.  

Suitable for use with Fuchs extremely high quality and high regarded greases.

Click HERE to see how the Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun Works

(The fuchs reiner grease gun system is to be used in conjunction with Reiner 500G screw in cartridges and is also compatible with other screw type grease cartridges)

Fully made out of steel for strength and coated so as not to rust. Also has two large plastic handles for grip.

Made to Fuchs lubricants usual high quality standards to ensure you get a product that performs to the highest standards needed by mechanics and engineers.

Fuchs Grease Gun Comes included with 6" flexible application hose.

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