Fuchs red rubber grease 500g Tub

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Fuchs red rubber grease

RENOLIT red rubber grease is a speciality lubricant manufactured from prime vegetable oils thickened with a non-soap type thickener. A red dye has been incorporated for identification purposes.

RENOLIT red rubber grease retains its consistency even at high temperatures and has no drop point in the normal sense of the test. It does not change materially under working conditions or temperature fluctuations and as such resists leakage and dripping.

RENOLIT RED RUBBER GREASE is designed to be resistant to most seals used in automotive brake assemblies.


Automotive brake assemblies.
Hydraulic components.
Rubber components.
Petrol resistant application.
Dry cleaning plants.
Lubricating oil resistant e.g. gland packing.


• Good Mechanical stability
• Compatibility with natural rubbers
• Compatibility with synthetic rubbers
• Resistance to hydrocarbons
• High chemical resistance
• Resistance to rubber swell


• This grease conforms to major international component manufacturers' specifications for
"Rubber Grease" and "Petrol Resistant Grease".

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