Fuchs Lagermeister ptfe grease - 500g Cartridges (400g Available)

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Unfortunately this product is no longer available in 500g form, we do however now stock it in 400g cartridges HERE

Fuchs lagermeister ptfe grease

LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 White high-performance EP ptfe grease is a mineral oil-based, lithium-soap EP ptfe grease which is free of heavy metal and chlorine compounds. The lubricant’s excellent lubricity is achieved by the use of PTFE with a careful selection of solid, white lubricants and heavy metal-free additives.


Due to its excellent adhesion and EP properties, LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 ptfe grease is recommended for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings operating in harsh conditions (e.g. dust, water, vibration etc.).

Lagermeister ptfe grease is for manual or central relubrication operations on machines in conveying technology including construction machinery, cranes, processing plants in the raw materials, chemical and engineering industries. It is excellently suited for the lubrication of sliding surfaces and plastic slide plates of telescopic cranes, and as for the exterior protection for wire ropes. LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 FLUID is specially recommended for the lubrication of telescope jibs on mobile cranes.

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -20 / +120 °C, short-term up to +140 °C
  • very good adhesion
  • good corrosion protection
  • work-stable
  • very good protection against wear
  • good water resistance
  • stringy; seals well
  • excellent lubricant for steel/plastic and plastic/plastic sliding combinations

Method of application

LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 ptfe grease can be applied manually, with a brush or via SYSTEM REINER grease guns. Also available in aerosol cans as LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 SPRAY and as LAGERMEISTER WHS 2002 FLUID for application using a spray pistol, roller or brush

For use with Fuchs REINER Grease Gun

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