Fuchs Ecocool Ultra-Motive cutting fluid - 20 Litres

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Ultra-Motive cutting fluid

ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE cutting fluid is a premium soluble metalworking fluid designed to meet the demands of the automotive market. Building on the unique patentpending ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 technology, ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE cutting fluid has been designed with all of the current global environmental and health and safety requirements in mind. High performance in machining, foam control, hard water tolerance and pH stability are all optimised to ensure ultimate performance.

ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE cutting fluid is suitable for machining a wide range of materials. It contains a novel lubricity package that makes it especially effective for stainless steel, aluminium and titanium machining. Stainless steel milling and drilling applications show dramatic improvements in tool life and surface finish.

ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE cutting fluid is a next generation water miscible coolant and employs raw materials that are intrinsically robust and provide long sump life. ECOCOOL ULTRA-MOTIVE cutting fluid emulsification system produces a tight stable emulsion that effectively tolerates tramp oils without producing objectionable residues. Please consult with our application engineers prior to machining of critical or sensitive aluminium alloys.


• Contains lubricity enhancers
• Fine surface finishes/extended tool life
• Low foaming
• Suitable for high pressure coolant systems
• Multi-metal compatible
• Excellent performance on Duplex and Super Duplex
• One coolant can be used safely on a variety of materials including cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys
• Suitable for deep-hole boring applications on steels and stainless steels
• Free of boron, chlorinated paraffin, silicone, secondary amines, triethanolamine, and formaldehyde donor biocides.

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