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Fuchs Decordyn 350 Spray - 400ml

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Fuchs Decordyn 350 Spray

Fuchs Decordyn 350 Spray is a liquid anticorrosion product, which, after the evaporation of the non-polluting solvent, forms an adhesive, colourless protective film, possessing good lubricating properties. Thus it does not have to be removed before the parts are used.

Field of application:

Fuchs Decordyn 350 Spray is used for the storage of machine parts, plastics injection moulding, casting moulds, punching-, stamping-, bending- and drawing tools which have to be stored for periods of time but must be in ready for-use conditions all the time.For bright machine parts and devices e.g. slide bars, guide rails, clamping alignment surfaces, which have to be reliably protected against corrosion before dispatch. For intermediate storage of high value semi-finished parts in a highly corrosive ambience.In all cases in which the removal of other anti-corrosion films is necessary before use.

Method of application:

Apply Fuchs Decordyn 350 Spray uniformly from the spray can onto the parts to be protected. In case of extremely strong corrosive influences it is recommended to increase the thickness of the protective film by repeated applications onto each dry film. During application be sure to have good ventilation. Fuchs Decordyn 350 is also available in standard packaging and these can be applied by spraying, immersion, electrostatically or via brushes onto the dry surfaces.

Note : Fuchs Decordyn 350 SPRAY should not be stored at a temperature below freezing point.

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