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Fuchs Chain Lube - 500ml

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Fuchs Chain Lube

Fuchs Chain Lube aerosol is a spray lubricant containing high viscosity lubricating base oil along with EP and anti-wear additives. It is one of the range of FUCHS Lubricants (UK) industrial aerosol packaged products. Fuchs Chain Lube is a heavy duty lubricant designed to lubricate all chains not fitted with an oil bath or automatic lubrication system. It is suitable for use on all leaf and roller chains, lift and drive chains, conveyor chains etc.

Fuchs Chain Lube Advantages/Benefits

• Large 500ml aerosol can
• Penetrates pins and bushes
• Reduces chain wear
• Gives excellent corrosion protection
• Reduces friction and power requirements
• Contains no CFC propellants - ozone friendly


Follow the safety information printed on the cans to ensure safe application.

Click here for Technical Data Sheet

Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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