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Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray - 400ml

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Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray

Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray is a high-graphite containing adhesive lubricant, based on a selected base oil and containing EP additives and tackiness improvers. Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Spray is free of bitumen, heavy metals and solvents.

Field of application

Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray is used as a lubricant for open gears, gear racks and sliding surfaces. It is also used as an assembly paste for bolts/screws and pins. Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray can also be used for lubrication and conservation of wire ropes. Furthermore, Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Spray is applied to chains, sliding surfaces and gears in steel hydraulics construction as well as in open cast mining and pits (approvals available).

Method of application

Apply Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray uniformly onto cleaned surfaces. Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Graphite Spray is also available in standard packaging.
CEPLATTYN 300 can be applied simply by brush, spattle or other aids.


Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Spray has the German Railway material no. DB-Mat.-Nr. 106169

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