Grease Cartridges

Posted on 04 February 2019

There is a substantial cost saving in using grease cartridges in Birmingham as this important type of lubrication can be very messy and much of the product is wasted when it is wiped off hands and onto rags or paper. Grease is a semisolid lubricant that generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. The characteristic feature of greases is that they possess a high initial viscosity. Grease is applied only to mechanisms that can be lubricated infrequently and where lubricating oil would not stay in position. Grease can also act as a sealant to prevent ingress of water and incompressible materials. Grease lubricated bearings have greater frictional characteristics due to their high viscosity.

Its semisolid state allows it to be packaged differently to the liquid lubricating oils. In Birmingham, grease cartridges are clean to work with and very easy to change. It is very simple to remove a used cartridge from the grease gun and replace it with a full cartridge. Our Fuchs Renolit LX PEP 2 grease comes in 500g packs and is one of the highest spec multipurpose EP grease available. It has a wide temperature range of between -30 degrees Celsius up to 150 degrees Celsius and constant lubrication up to 200 degrees Celsius. Grease is inserted in various places in a machine according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. They will also stipulate which grease is best for the particular machine. Soap is one of the most common emulsifying agents used. The nature of the soap influences the temperature resistance, water resistance and chemical stability of the grease.

We supply a wide range of grease cartridges in Birmingham. Contact LRT Lubricants today and discuss your requirements with our helpful and experienced staff. We supply lubricants for all types of agricultural machinery as well as a large selection of some of the latest lubricants by the world’s largest independent lubricant specialist. We have a high performance range as well as a range of food safe lubricants for use in catering and food manufacturing equipment. We are a family run business started by two brothers whose aim is to supply the best quality oil, lubricants, tools, parts and equipment available.