Fuchs Lube Cube

At LRT Lubricants we are always looking to help Save Money, Time and the Environment in any way possible and the Fuchs Lube Cube is a brilliant way forward.

Fuchs | 20 Litre | Lube Cube

We often ask Mechanics how much they pay for the disposal of there 5 to 20 Litre plastic drums and the response is surprising, then we mention the fact that we can save them space, time, money as well as helping the environment with the Fuchs Lube cubes and the response is a positive one.

FUCHS - 20 Litre Lube Cubes are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials - reducing environmental impact and also reducing your disposal costs.

The robust cardboard box is 100% recyclable, whilst the strong inner bag can be disposed of in accordance with legislation - providing customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic containers. Customers dispose of conventional plastic containers, which are sent to landfill, at an ever increasing cost.

Fuchs | 20 Litre | Lube Cube

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Package Details

We can Tailor a Package to suit you which can consist of the following, 3 Tier Lube Cube Stands, Rolls of 100 Floor mats, Seat Covers and 5 Litre pouring Jugs.

If you simply require a small amount of lube cubes then give us a call and we will happily give you a quote over the phone!!!

Please note a package will be based on volume per year basis.

The FUCHS Lube Cubes are significantly less damaging to the environment and provide customers with a serious reduction in the costs of disposal.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Space efficient
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Efficient utilisation of transport
  • Easy to use

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The Fuchs Lube Cubes contain 20 Litres per cube

Oils that are currently available in the Lube Cube format are the following:

Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro Flex 5w-30
Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro C2 5w-30 (Coming Soon)
Fuchs Titan GT1 Pro C4 5w-30
Fuchs Titan GT1 5w-40
Fuchs Titan Supersyn F Eco B 5w-20
Fuchs Titan Supersyn F Eco DT 5w-30