Oil Additive Packages

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What is an Oil Additive package?

In most cases the base oil alone is not sufficient to cover the many tasks that an oil has to fulfil in an engine, for example: For a reliable and seamless operation the base oils of additives are added, with the help of these additives certain properties of the oil can be improved or completely new properties achieved. The list of additives used for this is varied and long. The individual materials are, depending on the requirement, comprised in an additive package.

This package is added to the base oil heated from 40 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade and is stirred until it is completely dissolved in the oil. In modern engine oils the concentration of additives can be up to 30% or less than 1% in gear oils. 

Fundamentally, you can differentiate between two types of additives:

  • Additives that have an effect on the base oil e.g. pour point improvers, anti-foam additives or viscosity index improvers.
  • Additives that have an effect on the material surfaces (bearings, cyliners etc) e.g. bonding enhancers or friction modifiers (friction valve improvers)  

All this helps to keep your engine running smoothly and extends service intervals.

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